We are excited to announce that we are inviting start-ups to apply for EBRD Star Venture Programme – (Food and Energy Security Track). If you are a start-up from one of the SEMED countries (Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia. Morocco and Lebanon), you will have a great opportunity to apply and join the EBRD flagship programme.

Through Star Venture Programme, the EBRD aims at identifying high potential start-ups (HPSUs) and to mobilise globally sourced expertise to help these nascent firms to scale up rapidly. Star Venture leverages a dedicated network of mentors and advisers to channel a whole range of bespoke advisory services and industry best practices to start-ups.

The programme will be delivered on a competitive basis and enterprises selected will join the cohort of dynamic venture teams in an intensive and tailored 18-month experience –based support programme. It includes systematic business diagnostics workshops, customized consulting projects, online/in-person mentoring sessions, global networks of business partners, access to finance/market as well as advice on financing mechanisms, extended international networks of customers and channel partners, entrepreneurs, high level business executives and international soft landings.

The deadline for applying to Star Venture is 30 May 2023.

For more information, click on the below link and find Call for Application under SEMED Region along with application guidelines and link.

Application link:

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